What Is Solar Energy & How Solar Panels Work

Solar energy usage has significantly increased in popularity over the past decade. This is due to the many benefits that solar energy provides homeowners and business owners. Many people are aware of this innovative energy concept, but they are unfamiliar with how it works. If you are interested in learning more, read on to discover precisely what you need to know. This detailed post explains how solar energy and solar energy panels work.

How Solar Panels Work

Solar panels work in a fairly straightforward manner. They are comprised of photovoltaic cells, which may also be called PV cells and solar cells. These cells are used for the conversion of sunlight using what is called the photovoltaic effect; it is both a physical reaction and a chemical reaction. Sunlight is turned into a type of electricity called DC electricity.

The DC electricity is converted into alternating current electricity, also known as AC electricity. This conversion of energy is sent to the electrical panel of a home, and lights and appliances are powered through it. This power is completely natural and often referred to as “clean” energy. Usage of energy is measured via a utility meter, just like it is with traditional electrical power. You can learn more about solar at the official SEIA (Solar Energy Industries Association) website at seia.org.

There are numerous reasons why solar power is so attractive to property owners. The primary reasons are the reduction of utility costs and the usage of clean energy. Property owners experience significant financial savings after investing in solar panels. Over the course of a year, a property owner can save several hundred dollars or more on their utility expenses. They can also feel good about reducing their carbon footprint by using 100% natural energy. For example, according to Wikipedia, Illinois residents can expect federal and state tax savings, sometimes upwards of $10,000.

Where Solar Panels Are Installed

Solar panels are primarily installed on roofs and in other outdoor areas that directly face the sun. Most homeowners and business owners have professional companies handle their solar panel installation. Proper installation of these panels is very crucial in order to get optimal solar energy levels. The size and number of panels used will depend on the property’s size and the property owner’s preferences.

In order to work properly, solar energy panels must be sufficiently cleaned on a regular basis. These panels naturally collect debris such as dirt over time. When this dirt builds up, it can lower the effectiveness of the solar energy panels. Do-it-yourself cleaning kits are readily available for purchase and use. However, many property owners prefer to hire professional solar panel cleaners to do a thorough, expert-level job.

The return on investment (ROI) for solar energy and solar panels is significantly high. There is certainly a major initial investment, but this investment quickly pays for itself via lowered utility costs. To get precise numbers on savings and return on investment, it is best to directly contact a local solar energy company specializing in solar panels and installations.

After reading this post, you likely have a solid understanding of how solar energy and solar energy panels work. If you are interested in using this energy source, you can start the process whenever you would like. Simply get in touch with a solar panel installation company to schedule a consultation appointment.